The work Métamorphose Urbaine (Urban Metamorphosis) was presented on the occasion of the opening of the Biennale of Contemporary Arts festival in Dakar on May 3rd 2016. Combining video mapping  and sound design, this collaborative work follows a creative workshop video mapping conducted by Aurélien Lafargue and Mourad Bennacer.

This creation was born of reflection we had about the city of Dakar and what it represents. Meeting place for several cultures and identities, Dakar is a mobile territory in a constant mutation under the eyes of its inhabitants.

Historic port city connected to the rest of the world, Dakar is an organic whole living in a state of constant change, molded by the mood of the people and winds.

We kept the city in mind as we wrote this story into pictures, with the City Hall as a starting point of our trip. Its rich history and its massive architecture are an invitation to navigate through imaginary territories.

As Birago Diop wrote, a voice tells a story, it is the breath of the ancestors. Despite the urban changes this country has witnessed throughout the years their voice can still be heard. The words of Edouard Glissant still resonate today : « If we want to share the beauty of the world, if we want to be in solidarity with his suffering, we must learn to remember together. ”

Through a collective imaginative and evocative process, the city becomes an inner space made of visions and colors.


Credits :

Conception, visual creation : Aurélien Lafargue, Seydou Keita, Esi Atiase, Tiziana Manfredi

Music, sound design : Mourad Bennacer

With the support of EUNIC Sénégal and Ker Thiossane.